Technology - Precision



Why Does Precision Matter?

Technological advancements have enabled manufacturers of external-beam radiation therapy equipment to improve the precision of their delivery systems. In general:

  1. The radiation beam needs to enter and exit the body
  2. The device design limits how radiation beams can be directed into the body
  3. The device may deliver some radiation to tissue surrounding the tumor because of tumor motion during treatment

Based on a CT scanner platform, the TomoTherapy and Radixact Systems provide continuous delivery of radiation from 360 degrees around the patient, or delivery from clinician-specified beam angles. These unique features, combined with daily 3D image guidance, enable physicians to deliver highly accurate, individualized dose distributions that precisely conform to the shape of the patient’s tumor while minimizing dose to normal, healthy tissue, resulting in fewer side effects for patients. The TomoTherapy and Radixact Systems are capable of treating all standard radiation therapy indications including breast, prostate, lung, and head and neck cancers, in addition to complex treatments, such as total marrow irradiation.